Have you ever seen a Punk Princess item that you absolutely love but has already been sold? (check my Archive page for the sold pearls of Punk Princess) No worries, I take custom orders! (And no, they're not 3 times more expensive than the item would normally be. I'm gonna crochet and create anyway, so why not just for you? Don't be afraid to ask for prices! <3)

I take custom orders for all the items I already made, BUT: I sell unique one-of-a-kind items, whether it's a custom or not. That means that I will not recreate an item exactly the same on every detail. 

For example these rainbow sweatersleeves!


The first one is the 'original', the second one is a custom orderI used different kinds of yarn and improved some details and techniques! Such as putting my brand tag on the shoulder so it doesn't have a front and back, thus it can be worn on 2 different sides!

Custom orders have my priority. You can have the size you want, the colors you want, all according to your preferences! Want a Dollbag with your tattoos and piercings on the doll? GOT U! Want some sweatersleeves in the colors of your favorite music album? GOT U! Nothing is too crazy in this dollhouse!!!

If you're interested, please send me a message! Tell me about your idea + your usual clothing sizes (if it's about a clothing item). When I get back to you, I'll ask some more measurements as well!

Some customs I did recently!

Balaclava Hats
The customer asked for one hat with bear ears and one with long bunny ears! She also asked for one pink and one yellow. I got to decide the rest and also got the freedom to play around and make it my own style! The results are so cute!!

Reworked Blazer
I made this for a Personal Stylebundle I did! It was for this super cool guy that was really into fashion and punk fashion. It turned out sooo cool!

Flower Hat
A classic beige and white Flower Hat <3 This color never fails! I'd love to make one that has multiple color someday!