My name is Isa Hazelager, founder and CEO of Punk Princess

KvK: 90280857
BTW-iD: NL004802978B60


Tel: +31612698103

I'm always in the mood for collabs, good ideas, invitations, tips or just a good talk with a mutual artist! Feel free to contact me through email or insta at any time!

Xxx, Isa


How and when will my order be shipped?

I ship out an ordered item after the payment was succesfully transferred to me.
I pack every item with care in a thin foil and in a good quality shipping bag. I also add a little sticker and/or 'thank u' note for you!
I try to ship your order ASAP, that's usually within 3 days! I will let you know when your package is shipped and will send you the track and trace information!

What if my package gets lost?

After I dropped off your package at the post office, I won't have any control over the rest of the packages' journey. I pack it with care and make sure the shippinglabel is correct (according to the address provided by you during the payment process). I will ofcourse do anything I can to help solve shipping issues, but after you chose your shipping provider and I dropped of the package, the risk is on you. If a package returns to me (and I received it back safely) because of a failed delivery attempt, I will give you the option to only pay for shipping costs so I can ship it to you again.

Can I retour items?

Since I don't want my shop to be like a fast fashion store where people can buy everything they want, try it on at home, keep 1 thing and ship all the other things back to the shop, I will not accept reckless buys and returns. I'm super willing to help you make sure an item fits, so feel free to message me with any questions about the size, materials or measurements. If you received an item that is not working or broken or not in the condition you saw on my photos, we will ofcourse discuss a solution that is sustainable, durable and fair for both parties! 

This is my promise to you: I make sure that everything I make is of good quality. The product you see on the photo's is the product you will receive. When there are questions or problems, feel free to contact me at any time!

What's ur privacy policy?

The information I will receive when handling an order will never be used for anything else than making shipping labels and/or contact with the buyer. I will not use your emailadres for spammails about my business, I will only use it to contact you if necessary and to give you your order confirmation and tracking info.

For more info you can read this article:


How do I wash my item?

If you've ordered a handmade crochet or reworked item from me, it is best to always wash it by hand, without softener, and preferebly with cold or slightly warm water.
Do not pull or twist the item too hard, since this can change the shape.
Do not wash it too hot since this can damage the item too.
For crochet items it is very important to lay it flat to dry! 
When items have handpainted parts, try to handwash around these parts and do not scrub it.