About Me <3

Hi Sweetie!

My name is Isa Hazelager, I'm 22 years old, and live in Hilversum in The Netherlands. I'm a Sagittarius, my birthday is November 24th♡


- I've always had a pencil and a drawing book near me since I was a kid. Painting and drawing have always been a big part of my life (I also have this dream of becoming a tattoo artist one day!)

- I love traveling! Some of my favorite places I've been are Tokyo, New York, China and Berlin♡ I'm especially lucky with a boyfriend  who basically lives in a camper van, and the long vacays to Spain, Italy and France have been amazing♡♡♡♡

- My cat Pip is my everything. The most important thing in my life for real hahah. We found him in 2010 at a campsite. He kind of chose us, and I've been so grateful ever since. We follow each other everywhere and I love him SO MUCH

- My biggest fear is whales. Whales in deep oceans. Brrrrr. Oh, and hot air balloons. Seeing them in the sky just doesn't feel right... It just isn't right?!?!