Reworked Punk Bag Leopard

€ 45,00

Reworked secondhand leopard bag! With handmade handles and a lot of fun details! Everything on there is secondhand.


I crochet some mini granny squares, grab my bag full of patches and get started! I cut letters and fun graphics out of old tshirts, pants and bags. I keep everything cus I'm a hoarder as u may know by now hehehe, but it's super usable and fun to work with! In this case I also added some pins and buttons from my collection, and I think it looks SICK!


The handles of this bag were originally thin and leather-y, but in a really bag shape. That's why I cut them off and added these fun and thick crochet handles with a different buckle on both sides!

The inside of the bag is lined with black and has 1 big and 2 smaller pockets on the sides! Super easy for small things u keep in ur bag!