I'm gonna stop with the Personal Stylebundles!!!

I knowwww it's a bit sad, but I'm starting fashion school in September and I wanna focus on that<3. I will continue to make and sell my Punk Princess items, but the Personal Stylebundles will have to go... 

Keep an eye on my insta for updates and deadlines! For now I think I will do my last round of bundles at the beginning of june 2024. 

Personal Stylebundle by Punk Princess!

Let me make you a mystery bundle in your style of choice!
I do ALTERNATIVE STYLES ONLY (for example: goth, grunge, punk, fairycore, hippie etc.). I love statement pieces and special clothes, so don't expect simple tshirts and some jeans from me! All ages, genders and sizes are welcome!


More info:

• The bundle costs €60 ex. shipping
• Give me +/- 3 weeks to make and ship your bundle
• You get at least 4 clothing items
• With +/- 2 big accessories
• + A lot of cute other extra's (for example: necklaces, stickers, dvd's, cd's, gloves etc.).

Everything will be secondhand or handmade from secondhand materials♡



1. Buy the product "Personal Stylebundle" down below and make sure to fill in your email address at the checkout! I need to contact you after your purchase to send you the questionlist, so please fill in your phone number or Insta DM in the "comments/opmerkingen" section when you checkout! It's the easiest way to communicate!
2. I'll send you an online questionlist ASAP. The questionlist will help me understand your style and preferences. You can tell me what you like and don't like and can send me a link to your Pinterest board for some visual inspo for example!
4. After you filled in the questionlist, I'll start styling for you! I will keep you updated along the way on how far I am and when I expect to ship it! You will see your mystery bundle for the first time when you open up your package at home!


Tip: Collect some pictures of outfits/clothes you like (on Pinterest) for visual inspo! It helps me a lot!!


Xx Isa


Personal Stylebundle

€ 60,00

Personal Stylebundle

€ 60,00

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in a mystery Personal Stylebundle! After you've read everything on the Personal Stylebundle page and agreed, feel free to order a bundle from me! I will message you ASAP after you bought the bundle, to send you the questionlist! 


I do max. 2-3 bundles at the same time, so there's limited availability! Keep an eye on my insta to see when a new spot opens up!

Some cute bundles I made and reviews from customers: 

I have a lot of reels on my insta where I show the personal bundles I make. I also have a highlight over there where I show the inspo pics that I got and the bundle I made with it! If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or on instagram, I'd love to help!